North India

North-y vs. South-y: In India, why this difference-y?

At school, our teachers work hard on inculcating patriotic and nationalistic values within us. We are taught on how diversified this nation is and we stand proud to call ourselves as Indians; rich in varied culture and heritage, yet one as a nation. But, once we are out of the school’s cocoon, we meet people hailing from different regions, following dissimilar lifestyles, eating the same ingredients, but cooked in a different style; and then we start to segregate ourselves into states, regions and ethnic groups. One can feel the depth of this division when people are adamant about renting their houses to someone of a particular region or religion, when people are cynical on staying with others coming from a different plateau, when someone hates to hear a language which is not their mother-tongue or when one does not like to hang out with a person from a unalike zone; sprouting regionalistic attitudes in our adolescence. Is it so difficult to mingle with an entity, who may have slightly altered DNA pattern, but is still of the same species and most importantly of the same nation? Continue Reading…