Juvenile Rape

Who’s Juvenile – Rapists or Law Makers?

Imagination is one thing which places humans in a different set, from every other species since the first plankton. Putting the same to use – Imagine that one of your female relative is walking down the street, past dusk, with no one accompanying her, through the dark lanes of the neighborhood. She could be surrounded by canine beasts; canine, yet friendly. What if she have had to pass through a horde of druggists or a clan of alcoholics or a gang of mobsters or, even for that matter, a group of simple, straight men? Three legged monsters are usually more terrifying than the ones possessing four limbs. While the woman may be extremely reluctant, in addition to being overtly helpless, these homo-sapiens could pounce on her, rip apart her clothes and have their share of fun. We might not be able to picture the sinister scenario intricately, in terms of the gruesomeness; only the one going through this would know the pain! Girls or women, who may be young, old or in their adolescence, have always, had an extra burden upon them to stay protected from their stronger counterparts. In most of the cases, that is the only thing this helpless gender could do. Not only females, in some cases, males are prone to similar attacks too, but chances of which are very minimal. These assaulters may be of any age. These days, the younger junta is being prominent too. Continue Reading…