How credible is the incredible ticketing?!

Incredible isn’t it when Aamir tries to educate our youth, the children and their parents, elders and other citizens… to keep India’s monuments, cities, lanes, villages, waters and their surroundings clean and tidy. And, all this for? Yeah! Of course! You and I are no strangers to the fact that these places contributed US$37.3 billion in 2013 to our country’s GDP and will grow at the rate of 7.8-8% YoY for the next 20 years, as predicted by UNWTO. Travel-Tourism-Hospitality is the largest service industry in India and caters to varied tastes via adventure, serenity, cultural, medical, business or enterprise and sport tourisms. As the numbers say – almost 84.7 per cent of the total tourism revenues would come from the local population and the rest from our Atitis. Continue Reading…


twenty-the-HER-teen (2013) – The time of the Woman!

Oh Womaniya! Ah Ah Womaniya!
Simple as a screw – that holds the machine tight
Beautiful as a moon – to lighten up the dark night
Delicate as a string – that controls the flying kite
Mighty as a lion – but may seldom be in sight…
She is the WOMAN. Woman of 2013!
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