About me and the Blabber Blog

Hi there Blog Reader..

Thanks for checking out… Oh yeah… My blog! 😀

Hope you keep coming back and Hey! Leave a comment dude! – Be it something nice or even a tad bit of criticism – I like it all… So, keep reading and kindly drop in your thoughts on the topic and also provide your suggestions too.

Please remember…
If you love Cooking or anything about Food, catch up with me…
If you like Singing or Hindi Music in general, sing along with glee…
If you like speaking about crazy-important stuff, this is the place to be…

Share the word, make your friends aware of the Blabber Page… Hope you loved reading about what goes on in my mind on a daily basis. Will promise to keep you informed, yet entertained!

God bless… Have a great day!

The Blabberer, Alister
A Cook at Heart; Pursue Singing, Composing, Writing; Practice Dramatics with Interest!; A Techie by (previous) profession


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