Start of a Story at IMT

Bursting with excitement as well as nervousness of starting a new chapter, respite of making it through rigorous selections to get to IMT – where the summer heat exposed every bit of enthusiasm of joining one of the best management institutions in the country – the freshly entered lot marched like ants at separate counters, jostling between room to room, for the registration process. Networking that initially flourished at the social networking tools trickled down to the person next in line or to someone searching for a glue-stick to paste their photos. For the hostel room allocation, the Student Welfare Committee was extremely patient to satisfy specifics, for the coming academic year, be it in terms of preferences of a campus or a roomie, coolers or air-conditioners or stalls for various nitty-gritties.

Following registration, movement directed to the hostel rooms. The students’ kith and kin transported their luggage at the respective destinations – in the same campus or at Hindon House. Rooms were cleaned; mattresses and coolers placed in positions. While the excited band unpacked and arranged, others explored various points to spot for interesting places that would become their ‘adda’ for discussions and fun!

And with this, the journey with IMT officially started on 09th June 2014. The CDL brethren joined their main campus’ counterparts in the newly furnished auditorium. The attire was very formal and the mood of intuition; each one introducing the other to know one’s stream, hometown, etc. The participants wondered how the previous batches might have coped with this. The agenda for the Foundation Module comprised talks from Directors, Stalwarts of the industry, notable Alumni – those who had a strong footprint and also a few from the recently passed-out batches. Interactions with them helped to gain an insight on how the market works and what it expects.

To relax and rejuvenate, students participated at the Art of Living workshop, which taught the art of breathing to cultivate a holistic and fruitful life. Further, smaller groups attended sessions involving message-imbibing videos, a grilling yet insightful way of learning the first case study, simulations, role plays, etc. Other modules hosted introductions to various committees, thoughts on the pillars of management, photo sessions, sweetest curd and potato savories at the mess and others. Discussions and interactions saw active participation from every soul. Within a span of two weeks, a perspective was formed of how to manage time and effort to foster oneself at IMT for the next two years.

And while some may go cheerful like an orange when moving through the architecture of the new academic block, watching the world cup or playing cricket or entertaining in the amphitheater; others would go violet with inspiration from the alumni, seniors and faculty; yet others would become healthy as green when hitting the gym or jogging through the lush green meadows beside the old tree. At one end, coolers, air-conditioners, iced tea at Nescafe or cold coffee at Canteen will make us peaceful as blue, at the other, competitions will drill us red, to imbibe a yellow wisdom in us to harvest our imagination and creativity! These are the Colors of IMT! 🙂

And like the colors in a rainbow lining up in an array
We would witness diverse flavors mingling… at study, work or play
That’s the hustle-bustle we aspire for the future night and day
Wisdom bestowed upon… with every learning ray
To develop as great managers stands our motto, come what may
IMT will strive to nurture us, like a potter shapes his clay!

Good Day,
Blabberer, Ally 🙂



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