Month: August 2013

Blockbuster, Super-Hit, Hit, Average – All this is Flop!

Entertainment: the magical word that has many forms. Something which is soothing to one’s senses can be aptly considered as entertainment. For some, entertainment is found in arts; for someone else, it is found in sports; for yet others, it could be established by reading a novel; but for most, the word ‘Entertainment’ is definitely synonymous to ‘Movies’. These days’ movies/films/cinemas/pictures/flicks/premiers/videos cover a wide range of genres which include Sci-Fis, Thrillers, Actions, Period-dramas, Romance, Comedies, Musicals, Religious-dramas, etc. or a mixture of the former ones. The population around the world is crazy about movies as they are an amalgamation of various other forms of entertainment, available in a single wholesome package! For the art lovers, the exuberant sets are a delight; for the sports fanatics and technology freaks, movies are a fantasy too; for people liking music, songs and background music are aptly fitted in; every movie serves a person as per one’s palate. Either consider peer-to-peer or going to a theatre; you either have the cash to buy beer or you don’t have it to even buy a bottle of mineral water; you either scare your child with Hollow-Man’s name or scare it with a name like Gabbar – movies are an integral part of every 21st century citizen. Continue Reading…