Sex education – A vital dose!

A land of culture, a land of heritage and serenity; with nature’s beauty captured at the Western Ghats, where beaches at the coasts are always at play, monuments like the Taj and the magnificent palaces, temples like the Sun temple, the Golden temple, the ones at Khajuraho; and all that is historic, make this country rich and worthy. But, keeping all that aside, there is one thing in India that will surely bring all of the above to shambles in quite a few years – the ever-growing population.

Some consider it as a resource; others think about it as a bane. But, before considering it as any of them, do we ever consider the fact that almost 2/3rd of the lives of this country struggle to have a decent meal for three times a day! Let aside food, they don’t even have clean, safe and healthy water to consume. In addition to this, the thick-skinned politicians are raking all the hard-earned money, just to fill their pockets, and keeping the voters distant from jobs, safe roads or proper connectivity, medicine and hospital care, proper grocery, etc. which is leading to the rise in poverty and unemployment; forcing people to make their livings by shaking hands with the naxals, terrorists, thieves and the mafia. When people are unable to take care of themselves, how on earth is it possible for them to contribute to the country’s growth? One thing that gripes me a lot is – why do these people ever reproduce? When they are unable to keep themselves fed properly, why do they need to bring in another soul into this world and keep it starving too? When it grows, as it would be still poverty-stricken, it would end up cribbing at the divine power above and start doing things that are unwanted, doing good to neither oneself nor to the society. Rarely do we find someone who holds hope, keeps spirits high and does something decent for a living. Our country has a huge number of such people who are lying in poverty and are disease or malnutrition ridden; and seeing the large head count, our govt. too is unable to do something at a magnanimous scale.

This cannot be achieved unless we strive to gain control on the increasing head count. The boy to girl ratio is also worsening day-to-day. Let alone one boy who is unable to get a girl, damn that thing that allows one guy to marry ten girls and keep none happy. For a moment, I also think about the plight of these women who have to lay with the same man in bed! Oh, let us not divert the topic… We need something that will keep the human race happy, make India a place to live, have everyone their fair share of education and jobs and then they could take care of themselves and at the same time contribute to the nation’s economy too. A win-win situation, ain’t it?

Sometimes, there exists a condition where people are so drawn over by lust that they forget to use protection and everyone knows the outcome after a few months. Youngsters too are no strangers to lust. I came across some news where children too, at the age of five or so, want to experiment with their genitals and have a go at that. From where did they ever get that bloody thought? Aren’t they ever monitored by their elders and are left astray to do shameful things. These innocent creatures do not know the long-term effect that they are creating on their body parts, if they have sex at such a tender age, where they haven’t yet achieved puberty. Sad! We cannot leave a child just by mentioning its innocence. These days’ children are very smart and learn things quick. My two-year old nephew knows to operate a smart phone and that does not astonish me. When a child, at such a young age gains such knowledge, then it isn’t surprising to think about what may be cooking inside a person’s mind in his adolescence. That is when we hear about cases where a pizza delivery boy tries to molest a woman, a girl is raped in a public bus, girls playing with boys in a chemistry lab at a reputed school in the country’s capital, a five-year old being shoved with bottles and tubes up her organs.. and the list is endless. These are just a handful of cases that we might have come across, as the media is getting bit frenzy on such issues these days. There might have been innumerable unseen and unknown cases, much more gruesome than the ones we know today.

Quoting from a reference – Sex education is not soft porn. It gives an insight to adolescents about their own bodies. The onus is on the elders. Parents, close relatives and teachers need to play a very vital role here. Start mentoring a child from the beginning. Sex education just does not include teaching somebody on how to use protection while doing it. As Aamir Khan had a small workshop conducted at his popular show, Satya Meva Jayate, every parent should similarly conduct one for their dear one. For a younger child, we need to teach it about sensitive areas of the human body. Show them that the chest, the face and the groin areas are some of those. No one, which includes close relatives and friends too, can touch these parts, other than just a hug or a kiss on the cheek, except in the presence of either of the parent. If a stranger does it, they have all freedom to scream on top of their voices and immediately report it to a known elderly nearby.

We have prime times like Crime Patrol and Gumraah that showcase the acts of teenagers; where people are raped and thrown to rot, ruining so many lives. For teenagers, the treatment and the depth of education on sex needs to be a bit in detail. Dads or male professors can have a one-on-one with the lads; moms and female professors can teach it to the girls. The things that a youth should know are the body parts that come under scrutiny, the importance of their existence and the sensitiveness with which they should be handled. How proper clothing with the right fit should be worn, how things could affect one’s immunity, which is an essence of a healthy living, along with the cleanliness aspect of it should be covered too. Pictures or videos on the internet can come in handy for live demos. Explaining the function of each part in detail is vital. Coming to the state of mating – the proper and safe way of doing it and the consequences of the same should be taught. A proper demo on how to use protections ought to be a part of this too. Like a typical Indian we should never cover only the pros, but cons must also be dealt. We should also highlight the perils of the protection itself being faulty and how they should identify and take care while using them. Diseases that happen on the reproductive system and via the reproductive system is another aspect we should compulsorily touch upon. Alerting the kids on HIV Aids should top the priority list. The youth need to know the importance of contraceptive pills and abortion. Moreover, the teacher should focus that these are available at hand, but should always be considered as the last resort. One should take care at the beginning itself, rather than taking trouble later.

In rare cases where the pregnancy goes unnoticed, the girl child, carrying the fetus, should be dealt with utmost sensitivity. Killing the guy and the girl, a famous trend in North India, is highly illogical, as they would be killing the unborn child as well. That is the time when anger and lunatic behavior can be shun away and maturity should be at its peak. We can get the two, the egg-hatcher and the sperm-injector, to take care of the woman while she is under pain. If the relatives are feeling ashamed of the fact that their girl is carrying, with the mutual discussion of the two parties, a respectful court marriage can be held and the parties involved in sex should be taking care of the child, after its birth. In case any of the party is absconding, then they can be punished under law. In extreme cases, where the girl gets affected by HIV and is still carrying, they should get this condition reported to the medic, since there are ways available where the child can be prevented from getting the disease. All these scenarios need to be well explained to the girls and boys. Once they know of the trouble they need to take post-sex, they would reserve the fun only for that someone special, after marriage and complete commitment. Also, the teacher should keep the communication discreet and less uncomfortable. Provide enough information and let the child be proactive in deciding things.

For the rural citizens, who may not have much knowledge on the topic, doctors or well-educated citizens, in collaboration with NGOs, media and corporate houses, funded by the govt., can do the needful. When would our Bollywood stars come in handy? The govt. can take their help in promoting awareness for protection. The govt. is already making efforts in promoting education on sex by making schools include workshops, time-periods, street plays and expert talks within their curriculum. Socialites are encroaching into the area of truck drivers, rickshaw men, prostitute houses, etc. and educating them on the use of condoms. A good start we must say!

Coming to the adversities of discussing the topic with the young – We should also know that a 21st century kid is always on the run to do things practically. When they are exposed to these issues, there may be an arousal of trying to do it and getting the feel. This is the time when we need to cash on trust and the teachings one has incorporated within the child, named “family values”. We always need to take precautionary measures. Some parents consider tracking the child’s internet hangouts and also think on finding out the daily routine that their kids follow. That is good. But, we also should at the same time respect the child’s privacy and freedom. You could track the child’s internet behavior, daily characteristics and mood swings, call on their friends for a party or luncheon and then find the kind of people that they move along. That should be fine. Since parents are also on social sites these days, it is totally insane that they comment or like the child’s post too. This way the child could take a clue and would not be open in discussing one’s feelings with their elders.

It may be very difficult for an orthodox Indian to do this successfully. Why just the orthodox? Educated people too would have a tough time with this. But when we could win debate, elocution, essay-writing and extempore competitions on such topics, beat our chest out in the public and social forums and, sometime, enjoy watching porn, why do we have to be shameful or feel terrible while explaining it to others. I have a few friends who feel humiliated or offensive when someone seldom uses the words FUCK in their language. ‘WTF’, in its abbreviated form, is also banned from usage or is a taboo. Symbolic terms like **** and $%^& is a big welcome though. Like, what the bloody fuck I say!!! Aren’t these the same filthy people who enjoy watching gross looking people like Barney and Ted blabbering on sex and hitting on girls for 99% of the show time? Don’t these people watch Game of Thrones, Caligula, Spartacus, etc. where nudity is an integral part of the opera? That is all A-OKAY! But, discussing sex, uttering words like puberty, fuck, virgin, penis, vagina is a sin; sometime so harsh, that bathing in the Ganges too won’t wash away your mistakes. Grow up I say! With people like you, the country will only move in towards the B.C.s, while the rest of the world would have started an era even further than the A.D.s. Even the early Indians knew about the Kamasutra and were open about it. It is only those people who think that it is religiously harmful to speak of such things create such black holes. But, do the religious-frenzy ever know the hidden meaning of the Lingam that they worship? ** all angry**…

The time would come when people would respect the other gender, treat them equally and do the thing (yes, SEX!) rightly, only if they are educated about sex and all its aspects. Some of the politicians tried to mandate sex education within the syllabus. But they were stopped by stupid idiotic politicians namely the Ammas, Annas, Bhaiyyas and Panditjis! But, why do we ever need govt. rules to do it all? Can’t we include one or two such lectures in a year for the students? The principal or the dean should take the responsibility that the teachers itself have enough knowledge on the topic and educate the same to the pupils.

To keep things short (LOL! After reading so many paragraphs, I say this): One needs to be taught to do the right things at the right time. We need to control the skyrocketing birth-rate in our nation. Else, within a decade, we would out-rightly be the number one in population, with limited resources for each and every one to live satisfactorily on this land. Unless we take precautionary measures, we would not be able to keep this condition in control. Education and awareness on sex is definitely vital. Help spread the message, help pass on the details, educate the ones around you and that is what is the need of the hour!


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  1. Ally, enjoyed reading this one, although when you said “To keep things short” I got reminded of the speeches we were made to attend as kids. 😛

    I got 2 things to bitch about,

    1- The article keeps shifting from a ‘narrative’ to ‘conversation’ mode, while i am no expert in writing, i feel it can be improved upon.

    2- Please change the body-copy font to verdana or lucidia grande’ (much more readable) this hurts my eyes.

    Keep writing man, hope to see more!


    1. Thanks Manas.. Great to know that you liked reading the post.

      And surely will work upon the points you mentioned.. I surely have to work upon keeping the reader attached till the last line.. And the font, yes man.. It needs a change..

      Thanks a lot.. 🙂

  2. Education, if not sex education will change a lot of things, in my opinion. Nice attempt. Maybe you should try sending articles of this kind to newspapers or magazines.

    1. Yes. I agree with you that education will change a lot of things and bring good to everyone. I consider that topics on sex could be covered too as a vital part of our education.

      Thanks for reading Vignesh.. :-).. And yeah, will surely consider the news papers too.. Thanks.

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