Is the new fad, for an Indian lad, a tad bit bad?

Innovation has a faster evolution record – even greater than that of man. Technological advances have been so enormous and they will continue to evolve, presenting things that man had, sometime, never thought of too. Man’s creativity has made the planet witness things; things for which people all over work hard, just to get their hands on every such item before they lay in the coffin. Lifestyles have drifted from the modest household ones to pretty affordable high standards. The severity of being born in the 21st century is that: one needs to adapt oneself to the advancements present every nook and corner. Else, one would either be considered ignorant and uncool or would be on the takers side of the joke and would be crowned a laughing-stock.

Speaking of progress in our very own incredible nation – Pre Y2K, people dreamt of having acres of lands in their villages, a modest home in the city and they also dreamt of driving in a Maruti 800, on a narrow well-tarred lane, with a woman of the same caste sitting beside him. Nokias were a fancy. Friends met in coffee shops or chat centers to chatter for hours. To keep things nostalgic, photos were clicked, printed and then stacked in cardboard albums and placed in coffee tables for people to take a look. An average individual thought that with money and earning, children will follow and then they would spend it all on them. Children, in their adolescence, rarely thought of a foreign grad degree and traveling abroad was just another summer holiday option. Post Y2K – Most of this has seen a newer side of an Indian emerging. Widespread use of technology has been a rising trend. People have outcast Nokia and touch screen has become the new fad. Device usages with two thumbs are replaced by a thumb and a fore-finger. People have started recording events in SD cards and moments are stored in the PC. For viewing photos, Windows’ Photo Manager does the trick. People shop at malls than in independent outlets. Lucrative cash offers and bank deals have seen the youth flocking to GRE and GMAT exam centers to grab a score. Better earnings have made things easily accessible. When you do not have something, your peer/neighbour makes you buy that; when they have that, you need it too and moreover, when you can afford it, you definitely want it.

Some of the new fads among today’s youth include – An app-enabled touch screen phone, a DSLR camera, a foreign degree and to top it all, a confession page! There are innumerable other products out there, but the ones listed above have caught interest very quickly. The new-age lad is no more into those good old computer games. Nintendo, Xboxes and to keep it handy – Tablets is what they are craving for. A minimum requirement in a phone is that it should be a touch screen one and must be app-enabled. Out of all the apps out there, WhatsApp is a must! Why spend all the pocket money recharging a SIM to use the stupid SMS!? We could easily chat in groups, and messages will reach all people with like no-cost. If it is difficult to use a mobile, Android is available on PCs too. You’ll find a young boy running in a temple or birds chasing pigs interesting, than a lined snake eating dots. For moments to capture, people are moving away from Point-n-Shoot cameras to SLRs and DSLRs – to get much crisper, more clear and sharper images, to save for the future. When you sight a person with a camera at a nearby picnic spot or in a function, don’t confuse him for a photographer. Some father just made his pocket lighter by gifting his child the device. You click photos, edit them on pirated software, add a bit of contrast and post them on your page online. People will recognize your talents and praises will flow. Voila! You can call yourself a professional. In case something upsets you or you are bored of the idiot box, create a confession page and you will be sure of getting all that masala, which is quicker and entertaining, like year long running Ekta’s serials. From colleges to workplaces, every organization has one. If you don’t have it, your organization is not cool. Region wise segregation on these pages is also a fad! Sigh! The list is looonngg!

Bringing forth an honest opinion –

How productive are these new choices? Do we actually need them? Some innovations have gone past the commodity tag to become a necessity. Computers, Water purifiers, Bluetooth, Remote Controls, etc. are a few things we cannot live without.

An app enabled phone is good. It helps us to check our emails, check out routes, and search data on-the-go. But watching the sky and repelling mosquitoes is too stupid and dumb. WhatsApp joins worlds for friends; friends who are seven seas apart and this makes it special. Pulling a buddy’s leg in a group chat is what makes it lovable. But, during a meeting or a get-together, when friends and relatives want to chat with you face-to-face, you are busy swiping your screen and typing words. Someone has correctly mentioned – putting down your phone has an app called ‘Respect’.

Everyone should get a DSLR, albeit if one can afford one. The pictures are worth a treasure and come out impeccable! But everybody who has a DSLR may not have a catch for photography within him. Your camera should not be doing the work. Instead, you should make your camera work. Just because you have a couple of good snaps in your folder (read – good light conditions and good surroundings) does not mean you create a page and barge everything on it. Photography is a talent, an art which some possess and it is quite legit for them to flaunt their clicks on pages and profiles on the Internet.

Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega, par izzat ke liye? People declaring themselves gay on a Confession Page! OMG! Do they have any idea that confession pages are anonymous? Does anyone care who that person is, unless they reveal a name. But then, it would no longer be considered as a confession. Finding alliances and grooms on pages anonymously or commenting on the post, as if you are a Grammar Nazi, when some incorrect English pops up, are all uncool. Making fun of a vernacular medium person, posting in incorrect English, and moreover, correcting the sentences in stupid SMS-style English makes you stand in the fools’ line – ahead of all!

Some of it is really good. When you have a degree from a foreign university, you get a decent-to-good job that can help you to repay your loans early and also get a tension-free lifestyle. But any plans of coming and improving your own country, than staying there and saying, “I am from India” and feeling utmost proud. Proud, for what? – Leaving it rot behind? Think on it.

Owning every off-the-shelf product more than what you require is the new fad. If you have a camera, you need to have a page; else your investment isn’t fruitful. Is it? A bright student means a one who has a foreign degree. Why? Are others less learned? No. But, a degree from a good university abroad should be used to enhance your working knowledge and boost your career. Similarly, phones are a must these days. They should be used for entertainment and for other daily needs and not be left alone for stupid battery-eating apps to drain your phone’s power. The onus should lie on your peers and your parents in helping you to make a right decision. Try valuing a thing before you need one. When you have it, use it as it should be used. Man makes things to make man’s life simple and enjoyable. The innovations are made for man to enjoy the fruit. So, when the purpose of an item matches its worth and usability, it has its value. Else, you would carry something just for the sake of it and would end up looking like Vidya Balan in Cannes ’13! A mismatch… So,

When you think about a fad…
Oh dear lad – take a tip from your dad…
The money you spend on it shouldn’t make you mad…
Owning something : never isn’t bad…
Use it for a purpose, but not for the extra tad.

Signing off,
(Somebody please help me make a decision on a good Android Phone!! 😛 😛 )



  1. First of all I like Vidaya Balan, i like her for acting not because how she looks at Cannes!!!
    And regarding necessity, money less learned and proud of!!! Bull shit.
    Do what you want, learn to make it happen. Money to support all of these. Rest is life.

    1. I too admire Vidya Balan and respect her acting.. The thing I used in my post is about her dress in Cannes.. That is what I didnt like, as she was representing India as one of a jury member from Bollywood.

      And yes Monty, I agree.. When we can afford it.. We should surely make it happen.. That is why I put a question forward – bad or not? I consider some things good and some bad.. I have highlighted all the points and both sides of the 4 items I picked as fad..

      I didn’t get what you wanted to convey in your second line.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. I wanted to say there is nothing bad or good about anything, only how and what we make out of it makes it so.
        And its not about affording it, its about making it happen.

        Nice that to read this this hear.
        Hope to see these more often

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