Month: March 2013

What’s in a name? – Parents should take the blame!

[Disclaimer – Kindly read the below post with an OPEN mind. No part of the post means to disrespect or degrade any religious, regional, family, age or experience and gender sentiments. If you feel intimidated, leave the page at that very moment, than continuing to read further]
When you have been hurled with questions like – Why doesn’t your name have a meaning? Can you spell out your name? You have a great name there, but what part of it do I call you as? Why did your parents name you XYZ? Why is your name so strange? – you either have an answer or don’t. And when you don’t, you are so frustrated, and feel like kicking the hell out of the one asking such a question, because how would one know the reason of why his/her name is like that?! All questions lead to one Shakespeare’s cliché – ‘What’s in a name?’ The answer to which is – ‘Parents should take the blame!’. Continue Reading…