Food For Thought – Portioning Meals

Ever wondered why we Indians are always referred to as ‘Khate Peete Ghar ke lagte hain bhai yeh log’ (These guys seem to come from a family that eats/drinks a lot)?

May organizations working on health related issues, including the World Health Organization, currently show that about 4-5% of the Indian population is overweight. With the trend of couch potatoes soon catching up, the time isn’t far when we would be competing with Uncle Sam in terms of who has the most obese population… We have already outnumbered them in terms of head count. The fear is that the head count will be counted in terms of obesity.

How can we curb this disease? It is something which can be controlled by our sense and will, than via drugs and treatment. With so many working trends, inline to the west, that the Indians are applying, it is really difficult to take care of the body than to focus on our daily work.

Trust me. It may be difficult to start, but the fruits are really sweet.

What could we do to bring about a change in our daily habits of food eating? I am neither discussing rocket science nor am I inventing a new theory, but I am speaking of what is well known, but something that is rarely followed. Let’s discuss –

Food for thought - ©

Food for thought – by Alister D

A nutritionist would basically put in front of us the following basics points –
1. Eat your breakfast as a king
2. Share your lunch
3. Dine like a popper

Are they mocking us by saying so? No. The point here is that – When we get up in the morning, after a good night sleep, we would need energy to start up fresh and gather strength to kick-start our day. So, in order to break our fast, of almost 7-8 hours of hours that we spent sleeping, we need to have a kingly meal in the morning. Now, since we already had had a heavy breakfast, we could share our lunch a bit, to reduce the size of our servings. That is next. Now, when they mean to ‘Dine as a Popper’ – You may be thinking – Why the hell? Why should I? I earn, I eat! There is a point here; Your body is going to rest for the next several hours after dinner. So, what is the point in stuffing your tract with food? Eat only the size that is sufficient from keeping you to starve with hunger.

Getting it?… Here a few things that we could follow –
Start with a good breakfast – Include in a great deal of carbohydrates. You need them because you need to last for a day at your work. Top it with fruits, juices, nuts to make it full of other essentials that our body needs. Oats cooked in milk and garnished in fruits or nuts; and a glass of fresh juice would make a fine breakfast. Eggs (with the yolk removed) and bread are also not a bad option. Milk and Juices should be preferred than coffee and tea.

Share your lunch – Eat only when you are actually hungry. The meal (thali) that most of the canteens and cafeterias provide is a good option. Eating chapatti and rice once a day is fine. Veggies could include an array of vegetables. Non-Veggies could pounce on your chicken! 😛

For the dinner – Indulge in sandwiches, salads, soups. These three “S”s could keep you full as well can be prepared with keeping your belly light than stuffed.

Most of the Indian women think that if I can prepare an array of assorted delicacies for my family, they could spend some time eating together and also relish my preparations at the same time. Ask your mother/wife humbly to keep the flattering for the festivals and Sundays. Indulging yourself in cravings of butter, ghee, masalas, oil, high carbs that include rice preparations once a week is fine (but may not be great too). Every day is a no-no.

Water is an essential part of our diet that helps in transferring the nutrients to the blood and taking out unnecessary ones too. Drinking plenty of water is good until you keep your bowels comfortable. Munch on some nuts, sugar free products in case you feel hungry in between the meal timings. Once a while, it is fine to have a bite of junk food. By once a while I mean – one or twice a month and not on alternate days 😀

Try this for a week and feel the change. This simply does not imply to run and buy your kitchen supplies and utensils and start the chef work. You can always cook breakfast. It ain’t a big deal. Lunch can be organized at your work place and dinner can be made again at home, on your convenience.

I always practice what I preach. For 98% of the time, I do follow the above mentioned methods. Only when I am home, I try to feel free and grab the opportunity of being at home and gulp the delicacies. But, since I am away from my home (yes, my actual home) most of the time, I do my best to practice the above.

Spread the word and keep healthy,
Yours, Ally!

Check the obesity graphs for yourself –



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